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Hey thrill seekers and music lovers,

Happy New Year.

And Happy Tuesday, January 16th.

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming?

Did you read my last entry?

New Year’s resolutions are NOT what they are cracked up to be, for sure. I stated in my last entry that New Year’s resolutions only set us up for failure.

95% of wage earners hate what they do. Let me tell you, the extra money in your current hate it job is NOT worth it. Whatever extra money you are making, undoubtedly, you are spending that money and more on stuff that you don’t need just because you think buying that junk, jewelry or whatever, makes you FEEL better.

Your happiness is DIRECTLY linked to what you do and who you hang around.

As Sly Stallone has posted, your most valuable commodity is time. By the way, if you’re looking for some more inspiration and examination in this area, check out Sylvester Stallone’s YouTube page. Whatever you think of him, he’s walked the walk.

Until next time.


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